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Welcome to EnterAfrica

Welcome to EnterAfrica, facilitators of online retail. At EnterAfrica, online shopping is not just our business. It’s our PASSION!

We introduce manufacturers and retailers to the exciting world of ecommerce by establishing them on various existing online shopping platforms. These online shopping platforms are in South Africa; the United Kingdom; Europe.

Our team of experts will make sure that your products are sold on the ecommerce platforms that best suit your products and your business, big or small. These online shopping platforms include Takealot; Loot; Zando; 1 Day Only and Makro.

Typically, our clients have no online presence before teaming up with us. However, some of our biggest clients have their own online shopping platforms but still seize the many opportunities we have to offer them.

Mission Statement

To provide manufacturers and retailers with a quality service whereby they are properly positioned on the appropriate online platforms to benefit from an increased market, thereby experiencing a real growth in turnover with a corresponding increase in profit.

Preferred Ecommerce Platforms

One Day Only


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