Selling online has never been so simple

Why Us?

We have put together a team of online marketing consultants who have years of experience selling online in South Africa; the United Kingdom; and Europe. This dedicated team of digital marketing experts is more than capable of using the many tools, promotional and otherwise, offered by the various ecommerce platforms to your advantage.

In addition, we can put you in touch with the right people to safely deliver your products, on time, to the fulfilment distribution centres of the various ecommerce platforms. We are also able to recommend competent photographers and graphic designers who will ensure that your images comply with the often strict criteria imposed by some of the online retailers for their ecommerce platforms. All of this at the best possible prices!

Our business model is highly flexible. We know that each of our many clients not only sell very different products but also have very different ways in which they run their businesses. From the outset, we take all of these varying factors into account when putting together a plan which is specifically adapted to your business needs.

Why an existing ecommerce platform?
Why not set up my own online store?

  • Absolutely no start-up costs
  • Availability of massive infrastructure either for free or at a minimal cost
  • Access to millions of buyers
  • Extensive digital marketing and advertising both in print and electronic media
  • In house promotions geared to increase sales
  • Partnerships with various loyalty programmes
  • Free storage or cheap storage after certain periods
  • Experienced and well trained personnel and digital marketing experts at no cost
  • Competent administration at no cost
  • Limited delivery costs to fulfilment centres of the ecommerce platforms and limited fulfilment fees for the platform to deliver to the customer
  • Little or no risk in respect of payment as this is virtually guaranteed

Why don’t I just do it myself instead of sharing some of my profits?

You can. However, the administrative hassles and costs involved are many. Sharing some of the profits with experts in the field of ecommerce, vastly outweighs these disadvantages and actually results in cost savings. All of this, together with being able to take full advantage of our vast expertise in the field of internet marketing.


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