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How It Works

You provide the goods. We sell those goods, using our many years of experience and relationships cultivated, through hard work and achieving top results, with numerous ecommerce platforms and, most importantly, the people who work for those platforms!

If you don’t sell we don’t make any money either! Therefore, we have a huge incentive to use our experience and contacts to the full in order to promote your products and achieve the best results possible.

In the unlikely event that you, at any stage, are not completely satisfied with the service provided, you are entitled, on 1 months’ notice, to simply withdraw from our agreement.

Stock On Hand

Stock on Hand (“SOH”) is where you send stock to the online shopping platform’s fulfilment centre before any sales to the buyer have taken place.


  • No financial risk, as payment has been received by the shopping platform before the listing is sent, by the ecommerce platform, to the buyer.
  • Your orders will always be fulfilled;
  • Consumers will receive the product sooner (in most cases “Next Day Delivery”) as advertised on the online shopping platform;
  • SOH allows you to participate more easily (provided there is sufficient stock at the online shopping platform’s fulfilment centre) in promotions such as “Daily Deals” where the online shopping platform increases consumer urgency by reducing, in conjunction with you, the selling price for one day only and advertising this on the online shopping platform’s app and website.
  • Any storage costs incurred by storing products at the fulfilment centre of the online shopping platform are relatively cheap.

Potential Disadvantages:

  • You may have to outlay capital to stock the fulfilment centre with your products;
  • Storage fees will take effect on static products after a certain period (this can however be avoided by us monitoring your stock and advising you to remove same from the fulfilment centre, if necessary);
  • If products are removed from the fulfilment centre of the online shopping centre the costs in respect thereof will be for your account.

Delivery on Demand

Delivery on Demand (“DOD”) is commonly referred to as “drop shipping”. When the order is placed by the buyer with the online shopping platform, we process that order; prepare all the necessary documents and send those documents to you. You deliver the item to the distribution centre. Then the online shopping platform, after receiving payment, delivers the item to the buyer.


  • No financial risk, as payment has already been made to the online shopping platform by the buyer even before the listing has been sent by you to the distribution centre;
  • You are able to list as many products with the online shopping platform as possible thereby increasing the volume of sales;
  • Where you have listed multiple products with the online shopping platform, we are better positioned to identify those products which are good sellers and thus provide better assistance to you when recommending promotions, product lines etc.

Potential Disadvantages:

  • Orders need to be delivered within a specified window (normally 5 days) from the date when the buyer places his order with the online shopping platform;
  • This means that you must ensure availability of stock to fulfil any orders ( which can easily be avoided provided you have proper systems and controls in place to monitor stock levels which we will assist you with, if necessary);
  • Failure to fulfil an order could give rise to the online shopping platform imposing certain sanctions against you.

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