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Frequently Asked Questions

It costs a whole lot of cash not only to set up but also maintain. Rather, take advantage of existing online ecommerce platforms that are already well established in the ecommerce retail marketplace for little or no cost.

This is negotiable up front and before entering into any agreement with EnterAfrica. The % of the selling price paid to EnterAfrica depends on a number of factors the most important of which is the margin of profit. We want to agree on a share of the profits that is fair to both you and us so that we form a solid working relationship for years to come.

This differs from one online shopping platform to the other. Some do not charge at all whilst others charge certain (and varying) amounts. These will be carefully explained to you before selecting the best ecommerce platforms to put your products on and will be taken into careful consideration when finalising your selling prices.

No. If you want to end the agreement, you are entitled to do so on one months’ written notice.

We will suggest couriers who we believe are both well priced and reliable. However, you are free to find a suitable courier to transport your goods.

The method chosen by you depends largely on your infrastructure and the type of goods you are selling. This question will be fully dealt with by your EnterAfrica account manager at the very beginning and you will receive professional advice as to the advantages and disadvantages of both methods before you make a decision. Click here to find out more >>

No. however the major ecommerce platforms do.

Yes, switching between Stock on Hand (SOH) and Delivery by Demand (DOD) is not an issue.

By no later than the end of the month following the month in which that sale was made.

The listing fee charged by EnterAfrica is not charged to make a profit but simply to cover the costs incurred by EnterAfrica in carrying out all of the above. It is a negotiable, minimal fee that should never be seen as an obstacle getting in the way of starting a great business relationship. Also, to foster that relationship, we offer a listing fee based on an ‘ECONOMIES OF SCALE”, where the more products you list with us (now or at any later stage) the less that listing fee becomes.

This varies between ecommerce platforms. From start to finish (despite our best efforts) the process could take between one to two months. So don’t delay. Get in touch with us now! Time lost is money lost!

You are. However, we can put you in touch with professional photographers who are not only reasonably priced but who do good work to ensure that the images comply with the criteria of the online shopping platforms. Of course, you are always free to source your own photographer to provide you with the images of your products.

We will take all reasonable steps possible to keep you fully informed, at all times, of these and any changes thereto, insofar as they apply to your products.

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